Транснациональная фармацевтическая компания

Transnational Pharmacy CompanyTransnational Pharmacy Company> - it is a young and dynamic pharmaceutical company, a wholesale distributor. Thanks to the experienced team of the company for a short time significantly expanded business ties in Russia and abroad.

Our mission: improving the quality of human life and health, providing a full range of quality services in the sphere of medical institutions and the population medicions. We are pleased that we are able to contribute to the development of the Russian pharmaceutical market, to support the domestic producers, as well as to create conditions for the timely receipt of the full range of medicines, including in the framework of the social programs of the Russian health care.

We strive to be a company where employees are justifiably proud of and trusted business partners. Transnational Pharmacy Company - a team of high-class professionals, talented and dedicated people. The basis of the work we put in all the cohesion of a team, which is highly valued competence, responsibility, efficiency, willingness to change and continuous development. Equally important for our partnership and professional ethics. We are guided by principles of strict compliance with all contractual obligations, and fair business practices.

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